About Us

The Clean Marinas program is a partnership of private marinas, government, marinas and yacht clubs. The program was developed by marine industry volunteers to create a marina facility stewardship program for the purpose of protecting our waters from pollution. Through education and the use of Best Management Practices (BMP’S) we work with marina operators, yacht clubs and municipal port authorities to gain certification. In turn they volunteer to help mentor others as a synergistic approach to growing the membership of certified clean marinas.

On behalf of the Clean Marinas’ Team, I want to extend my thanks to the many individuals who have worked so hard to make this program one of the fastest growing clean marina programs in the United States. With their help we have established a credible program unlike any other that is recognized by the United States Green Building Council as an innovative program in their LEED certification program. As stewards of our water resources the Clean Marinas Program is making a positive difference in the protection of our water.

The Clean Marina Program collaborates with a number of agencies in order to keep current the Clean Marinas Program with the latest information in environmental and educational BMP’s. This partnership has provided us support from the many environmental and regulatory agencies as they have offered many suggested changes and improvements that have been integrated into the program. This important partnership has proven most successful as we strive to continue the educational process of keeping our boaters up to date with educational material and programs. Going forward the members of the Clean Marina Program will continue to evaluate its program and enhance its partnerships.

The goal of the Clean Marinas Program is to grow the certified marinas not only in California but in other states that lack resources to create their own program. In this effort, the Clean Marinas Program expanded to Mexico and in recent years Nevada and Arizona to certify marinas. As I write this, we have mentors working with marinas and agencies in Utah and Missouri as well. The Clean Marinas Program is a 501c3 corporation funded solely by the certification processing fees and volunteerism. We will continue to pursue a financial partners that embrace synonymous values and can provide a sustainable contribution.

This program would not be possible without the support and dedication of all the volunteers working on the Clean Marinas Program. For that, I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all of those who help make a difference.

Rod Taylor
President, Clean Marinas