Marina and Yacht Club Operations

Berms Off Trash and Recycling Areas to Prevent Leaks from Entering the Waters. (Vintage Marina)

Materials, supplies, vehicles and equipment stored outdoors and exposed to rain and runoff can result in storm water pollution. It is not always feasible to store everything indoors or under cover, so marinas and residents must take steps to reduce contaminants from these type of storages to the maximum extent practicable. Steps to accomplish this include keeping these items in designated areas that are, where feasible, paved to allow for periodic sweeping, sloped or bermed to limit run-off and located away from water bodies and/or storm drains.

Marina and Yacht Club Best Management Practices

  1. Bicycles, motor scooters or motorbikes are not permitted to be ridden or stored except in designated areas.
  2. Unattended open containers of paints and other maintenance supplies are not permitted on the docks. Keep all open containers on the boat or on land in a secondary containment. While the material is in use, the open container should be kept in a secondary containment.
  3. All materials used in the day to day operations must be stored indoors or in covered containers to reduce the possibility of pollution.
  4. Cleans Parking Lots Using Dry Methods or Methods in which Wash Water is Recovered. (City of Santa Barbara)

  5. Secure watertight containers must be used when storing materials and wastes outside.
  6. Household hazardous materials must be stored in leak proof closed and labeled containers in a covered area and maintenance and inspection of all storage containers and storage areas need to be conducted on a routine basis.
  7. All spills must be cleaned up immediately.
  8. Use absorbent materials to clean up liquid spills. Do not rinse spill into the water.
  9. Dry sweeping techniques or vacuuming must be used for the clean up of spills.
  10. Make storage space available away from the docks for rent or use by boaters.
  11. Marinas and yacht clubs are encouraged to berm all trash and recycling areas to prevent leaks from entering the bay.
  12. Stores Liquid Marina or Yacht Club Supplies Indoors or in Covered Containers. (Vintage Marina)

  13. Marinas and yacht clubs are encouraged to provide electricity to boaters through sub-meters
  14. Marina and yacht club employees and boaters are encouraged to conduct/attend emergency spill response procedures training.
  15. Encourage boaters to use Household Hazardous Waste facilities and provide locations and times of temporary collection events.

Boater Best Management Practices

  1. Boaters must properly manage and dispose of all wastes and materials.
  2. Boaters should not be allowed to have open fires and barbecues on the docks, unless approved by the marina and yacht club manager.
  3. Prohibits Bicycles, Motor Scooters and Motorbikes to be Ridden or Stored Except in Designated Areas. (City of Santa Barbara)

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Sidebars represent changes incorporated in CMP Manual_revised 2_28_12.