Hazardous Materials

Stores, Manages and Disposes of Hazardous Materials off the Ground and Covered with an Impervious Surface. (Vintage Marina)

Improper handling of hazardous materials can cause harm to human health and the environment and can result in serious penalties and expensive clean-up costs if contaminations occur.

Marina and Yacht Club Best Management Practices

  1. Develop and maintain a Hazardous Materials Business Plan.
  2. Maintain waste disposal records for a minimum of three years.
  3. Store, manage and dispose of hazardous materials and waste legally and inform boaters as to proper disposal of hazardous waste.
  4. Store hazardous materials off the ground and covered with an impervious surface (e.g. roof, tarp, etc.).
  5. Keep hazardous material containers and drums in good condition and closed securely.
  6. Clean up and dispose of spills and leaks promptly and properly.
  7. Provide spill control material and empty containers for emergency clean up in accessible locations.
  8. Contract with an approved hazardous materials hauler for periodic disposal.
  9. Clearly label and segregate material to ensure that only materials that are hazardous are handled as such.
  10. Use state approved funnels that prevent the loss of volatile chemicals to ensure that containers and tanks for hazardous materials are properly closed after materials are added.
  11. Clearly label containers and tanks in order to avoid mixing incompatible materials.
  12. Designate an emergency coordinator and train personnel who handle hazardous materials in proper management procedures and emergency response in case of a fire or spill.
  13. Post the phone numbers of the emergency coordinator, the local fire department and the nearest household hazardous waste site. Call 800 CLEAN UP (800.253.2687) for locations nearest you.
  14. Install hazardous waste collection facilities where and when applicable.
  15. Follow all emergency procedures to address spills and fires.

Boater Best Management Practices

Stores, Manages and Disposes of Hazardous Materials off the Ground and Covered with an Impervious Surface. (City of Santa Barbara)

Hazardous wastes generated by recreational boaters are considered household hazardous waste. Dispose of household hazardous waste in properly marked containers if provided by the marina, yacht club or at the nearest appropriate site.

Score Sheet – Page 11: Hazardous Materials

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