Environmental Programs

Dockwalker Program

The Clean Marinas Program encourages marinas and yacht Clubs to have their staff become Dockwalkers or participate in a similar program. Dockwalkers are trained in teaching boaters environmentally sound boating habits. Dockwalkers distribute free educational materials (Boater Kits) to boaters and share information about clean boating practices and the location of services that support clean boating efforts. For more information about this program, contact Vivian Matuk by phone: 415.904.6905 or email: vmatuk@coastal.ca.gov.

No Discharge Zones

Some marinas and yacht clubs are located within no discharge zones. However the Clean Marinas program requires that nothing illegal can be released into the waters of our nation be it waste, treated or not. Therefore any release within the 3 mile limit is considered by our program to be illegal.

Score Sheet – Page 13: Environmental Programs

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