A number of situations may occur in a marina or yacht club that requires immediate response. Calling 911 may be appropriate in some instances, but additional staff response is also called for in nearly every emergency situation. Without pre-planning, important steps can be overlooked and without a quick reference guide, the best of intentions may not produce the best actions for solving the occasional, but intense problem.

Marina and Yacht Club Best Management Practices

  1. Have a current and updated map of important shut off valves.
  2. Keep a list of up-to-date Emergency Phone Numbers.
  3. Ongoing Staff Training – Acquaint all employees with the contents of the emergency procedures and responsibilities for each situation as designed by the EAP.

Boater Best Management Practices

  1. Keep a serviced fire extinguisher available.
  2. Ensure engines and fluids are cooled before working to avoid burns.
  3. Keep work area clear of oil and debris.
  4. Provide continuous ventilation.

Score Sheet – Page 1: Emergencies

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